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Which health conditions can Hemp extracted CBD including Delta 8 can they help with?

  1. CBD for Chronic Pain CBD has been demonstrated to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain by working with the immune system. Cannabidiol has also been found to modulate specific receptors that are associated with pain, helping individuals diagnosed with chronic pain in managing their condition.
  2. CBD for Inflammation The anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD are widely documented. By lowering inflammatory responses in the body, CBD is able to assist with a broad range of health conditions from Alzheimer’s, to arthritis, and even some conditions that can lead to cancer.
  3. CBD for Seizures & Epilepsy CBD has been proven in multiple clinical trials to assist with the management of epilepsy. Just one single small dose of CBD at the onset of a grand mal seizure, for example, can stop it from occurring entirely.
  4. CBD for Insomia CBD is a powerful relaxant that causes no side effects, and has been proven in multiple trials to assist with regular, restful sleep.
  5. CBD for Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating health condition that is exacerbated by inflammation. By modulating the immune system, CBD is able to assist with the management of MS.
  6. CBD as an Antipsychotic Interestingly, CBD has powerful anti-psychotic effects. Clinical trials assessing the efficacy of CBD in treating multiple mental health conditions demonstrated that in some cases is can replace antipsychotic medication entirely.
  7. CBD for Anxiety CBD is able to deliver potent anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety health benefits. Individuals that suffer from mild to extreme anxiety are able to manage their condition with CBD. These are the seven most popular medicinal benefits of CBD.

leafywell_medical_hempAdditional conditions with medical evidence supporting these from the National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology information which advances science and health by providing access to genomic and biomedical data and information.

Most researched and documented conditions below:

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